Two Work-Friendly Lipsticks

I work full time in a non-blogging environment where a bold colour can be a bit unnecessary/inappropriate. Although I did try wearing red once and to say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement. It didn't work hence I decided to settle down with neutrals for the day. I try and keep it low-maintenance yet l make sure the shade I'm after isn't too dull.
Since I'm always on a hunt I stumbled upon Laura's post and thought I might as well add my own two cents to the subject (Also fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Lip Creme she recommended).
Nevertheless, here's what I've been using.


Everyone has been recommending this and as predicted it wasn't easy to come by. It's mixture of a creamy and sheer texture despite what the description claims and definitely requires reapplying throughout the day. I'm fine with that as the application is quite smooth and easy. The colour's very true to its name and also very inoffensive. It will go well with whatever makeup you plan on wearing.


I've been quite a fan of the whole range for a while but only just recently I took a closer look at the lip products. The colour selection is great and there are plenty of rose tinted shades (my personal preference) to choose from. I picked the Silk Rose as I've been wanting something richer in colour to wear. It's pretty hydrating yet stays put for a decent amount of time plus it offers a nice semi matte finish.

Have you tried these? What would you recommend?