November Round-Up


It's Monday and I just put up a festive bunting up on a wall. It's finally that time of the year to go and dig out the tree out of a shed. Or schedule buying a real one if you don't mind the mess and want your house to smell like freshly cut pine (any candle recommendation?). Nevertheless, before I transform into a full christmas mode here are a few things from November that stood out to me.


I thought it was about time to search for some new and exciting content to read. As much as I'm happy with my feed, I'm always on the hunt for the next best thing (blog). Here's what I found.

Rush & Teal
Little Henry Lee
Nettle & Blackberry
The Painted Globe
Barely There Beauty


Manchester by the Sea
Brilliant. Heartbreaking. A stellar performance from Casey Affleck. A definite must watch. I've seen it once but it left me haunted for weeks. Extra points for the script and setting.

La La Land
I'm probably the last person to watch it. But, it's been recently added on Netflix and I thought why not. I'm one of those people who are sceptical about everything for some odd reason and not expecting much from things. So I started watching it totally unimpressed. Half way into the movie I was in love. Actually in love. With everything. Everything is perfect. I spent my entire weekend playing it on repeat. I'm a total convert.


A space travel classic and one of the best I've watched in years. I always go back. I've seen it probably too many times. Have you?

When Harry Met Sally
Another classic that was just added on Netflix. A feel-good movie. It's still funny and will always feel forever nostalgic.



I am finally a proud owner of a coffee machine I was going on about in my monthly goals. I went for a  filter machine in the end and am loving life at the moment. What else? I bought an actual beauty advent calendar after sulking each year over not getting one. I picked one from M&S after a careful research (it's an important decision, ok?) and will keep you updated when the time comes. 


  • The Sunday Girl just had a redesign and her page is beautiful, go have a look.
  • So did Harry Makes it Up. Goals.
  • Where do I get a nice cat christmas jumper from?
  • Can I get away with wearing opaque tights with a party dress? What's your stance?
  • Where do I get a nice warm teddy coat that isn't pink or pastel blue and isn't expensive?

What's new with you?