Weekends are for Doing Nothing


In my household at least. Take a shot next time someone asks you what your plans for the weekend are. Literally. I just sigh and say to them, while they're waiting to be blown away with my answer, that I'm doing nothing. And will be saying that from now on every time someone tells me about their amazing plans for the weekend away in a cottage in the country, or a family trip to the zoo. I will also say the same thing on a Monday back. That I did nothing and went nowhere. What's more, I don't even want to do anything. I will gladly choose my sofa. This is where I'm going. The reason I'm writing this is because this following tweet resonated with me so much I wanted to RT it to no end (perhaps even put it in my bio, why not?).

I work Monday to Friday. I spend 2 hours on the bus daily. I get ridiculously excited to eat and chill once I'm home. I'm so tired I fall asleep while trying to catch up with Stranger Things 2 (I've been on the same episode for 3 nights now) ( cause I can't keep my head up). And blogging? Let's not even go there.

I have my whole week planned out, why would I want to plan my weekend? It's only two days. Why would I not want them exclusively to myself.

Like cleaning. Cooking for once. Catching up on the previously mentioned TV show (and more), social media. Blogging. Enjoying my own company. Chilling. And. More. You know, everything that I don't have time for during the week.


(Please let me know I'm not the only one)